Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bushwick Branch

     Like the illustrious Freedom Tunnel, this was a spot that I had stumbled upon during my frequent ramblings around the city, but I had only realized what it was and made the decision to explore it in depth after learning more about it via Internet. It would most certainly not be the first time I walked along a stretch of rail.
     Some covered, graffiti'd parts are also reminiscent of parts of that tunnel. Though the Bushwick Branch is named after a neighborhood in Brooklyn, it mostly runs along Queens; snaking through neighborhoods like Maspeth and Long Island City.
    While those who have went here before have warned, the track is perpetuated by homeless and dogs. While I did see an abundance of homeless camps and noticed a homeless man walking, bald head turned toward the ground, I had yet to see any dogs. However, cats skittered along the ground as I walked; subtle ninjas.
     The track passes along various industry in Brooklyn and Queens and is itself rarely used, perhaps even less so than the Bay Ridge Branch. Another similarity that it shares with that branch is that there are mainly freights that chug along that line. This all day endeavor was my own tour of the branch.

There was a lot of graffiti along this rarely used track.

This rat seems to be omnipresent in  New York City.

     As I am wont to do with most tall structures, I had climbed this device, only to find myself swaying powerfully along with it, though not without a nice view.

      As I passed through this very sketchy, dark tunnel without a flashlight, I held my breath hoping that there was no one on the other side of the wall waiting for me. My mind contorted my fears into the hallucinatory sounds of people whispering. I made it out to the other end, relieved.

     As I clambered up this car to get a better view, I saw that these train cars were stuffed with sand. Fortunately, due to the remoteness of this branch line, you can find solitude along this stretch of railroad.

                    Look closely in this sunset photo; you might spot what I believe to be the Chrysler Building.