Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shadows of Manhattan

    Since my contact didn't respond to my call for a field day (despite the fact that I've been planning to hit up this location for a while now), I went around Manhattan and did some light exploration of my own. I guess this proves that the only person you can count on is yourself, and as of late I have reverted back to solo exploration. The results are as follows.

   Apparently, near/underneath piers is a great place to dump your litter.

Surprisingly, there were no squatter mattresses to be found, most likely because come high tide they would be flooded out. It is a nice hiding spot, though.

 Then, I checked out a giant tunnel, hidden in plain (construction) sight.

 At around this point, I saw someone sitting at a laptop in the tunnel. We gave each other an acknowledging glance and I moved onward to photograph.
 As I moved further down the tunnel, I snapped shots while the camera was moving, making for some cool effects.
 There was less and less light the further I went down. I thought from afar that this reflected metal surface was another passageway. Unfortunately, like all good things, this is where the tunnel came to an end.
 I turned around and kicked up some dust for a cool effect. It was a relief to have some light supplied to my pupils again.
 Some gas canisters.
Could it be?

 Yes, apparently it's a drain outlet!
 Though it was a sunny, dry day, I was not willing to go too far in. The wind echoed across the pipe's walls making eerie sounds-as if a flood of water was about to come out. It didn't help that barbed plant seeds (I assume cocklebur) were stuck to my pants.

 I am just about ready to leave, right after I take one more look under another pier.

 Another drain outlet! If only I had my boots...

Well, that was fun. Join me next time for more on vague and very non-specific places which are uncharted in New York City. These are mostly just small locations, but I will hit up more big game soon. As is now precedent, I shall end this post with a teaser photo. Till then!

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