Saturday, January 21, 2012

Floyd Bennett Field Hangars

       Back in September 2011, I considered this spot to be the site of my first, "real" exploration, because I took a whole day off to check it out with a friend. During that day, we also went to Bottle Beach and climbed around the underside of the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge. I always send my exploring pictures to my partners and tell them to do the same, but they usually never do the same. This worked against us when my friend lost his beautiful $300 camera phone and lost all of the pictures we took with it (this is why he can't have nice things). However, even though I knew that some of the hangars were having construction done on them, I went back. I knew there was more to see.
       I checked out the basements in one of the hangars going nowhere, totally dark and filled with either dirt or water, and stepped on a large rusted nail...again. Right at the same time that I was telling my exploring partner that the last time I was there, I stepped on a large rusted nail. The huge hole in the shoe miraculously patched up, and fortunately, the skin was not penetrated deeply. This is the importance of watching your step/having boots. If you go here, be careful. Those rusty nails are death traps. Another tense moment was laying low in a hangar as sanitation trainees walked by and helicopters whirled over us.
     Anyway, I must say I am quite pleased with the photographic results. Here are the fruits of our labors.

                                                                              Until next time!

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