Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fort Tilden

     Fort Tilden is great fun/overdone/overrun by hipsters (select one). On a very windy day, I met up with a Queens contact to show him and his friend around the area. Despite having four layers of clothing, the wind whipped us with its mind numbing chill as we slow-motion sprinted from Jacob Riis Park to Fort Tilden. Then a building. Over the top, and best of luck to you. One building led to more and more, and I feel that this place has more abandoned buildings per square mile than anywhere else. From straddling the Battery with an approximate foot of ledge space and haging onto the the weak fence, to 45 degree rock wall climbing and climbing up a questionable ladder, my second visit to the place was quite enjoyable.

    Here are some photos that we all took.

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