Monday, July 16, 2012

Glenwood Power Plant

     Slightly above the Bronx, in Yonkers, there is an abandoned power plant, constructed over a hundred years ago, and abandoned for about fifty years. I don't go outside the City much for exploring. However, this was a place the had to be seen as soon as possible. I heard rumors about workers clearing out the place to convert the space into apartments or something of the sort. I decided that I needed to go see it before it was completely changed. Now, there are about three buildings in Glenwood Plant. If you ever see any photographs of the location, you're most likely seeing what's in this main building (which has a coal processor if you bother to go high enough):

     However, this building connects to a secondary, shorter one, which (it seems like), is what's being converted.Most bits have been cleaned, some graffiti is being scraped out, and many of the stairs that were once busted out have been replaced with wooden steps.

Note the dumpster in the background, another sign of how the location is very different from what it was.

In the back, there is a third, smaller, tertiary building, which has an external ladder leading to the roof, and, it seems to have been untouched by workers thus far.

Despite having been somewhat cleaned, with overgrowth cleared and safety measures added, the place is still a tall death trap, with broken stairs, giant holes in the ground, and falling bits of debris.

The First Building

Secondary Building

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